Judged Too Smart Phone For Smart Users

What is smart phone that really smart? Envirofone, a recycling company in Britain, trying to answer the statement.

The result, of the 2,000 survey participants who use a smartphone, 71 percent of them use their smart phones only to make phone calls, send and receive short messages, and view the account up.

In fact, every smartphone has thousands of applications available, such serviceto check your bank account, book a plane ticket, and so forth. While only about 200 people who make the various applications on their smart phones.

According to Jon Butler, from Envirofone, nowadays most people use the smart phone as a symbol to indicate their status. “The reality they are not optimal to use this gadget,” he said as quoted Dailymail, today. As a result, he added, many people force themslves to use the iPhone’s 4 or BlackBerry when they do not need it.

In addition, continued Butlet, market applications on smart phones like Android and the iPhone provides too many applications to users, so the novice user become confused and some applications are considered ‘odd’.


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